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Farm Flavor on the Taste of Success

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The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food launched the Utah’s Own program in 2006 to educate consumers about the benefits of buying local.

The program, which works to promote the state’s agribusinesses, started with around 30 companies and has grown over the years to include 680 participants.

Utah’s Own helps create demand for local products, and then helps companies meet those demands by providing them with the resources they need to be successful.

In 2014, the program teamed up with small business development centers and business resource centers around the state, as well as some private organizations, to help with tasks such as business planning and securing capital. Continue reading

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CityWeekly Reviews Apple Beer

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Utah and Germany don’t seem to have much in common. On closer examination, they do have at least one fizzy concoction.

The link lies with two effervescent Mormon missionaries, who, while proselytizing in Europe, discovered and brought back a bubbly brew called “Fraussbrause,” a 150-year-old nonalcoholic drink originally made from small Sicilian apples, herbs and spices and transported in wooden kegs. In the early 1960s, the duo procured rights to the recipe, started a company in Salt Lake City—where they’ve been headquartered ever since—and gave it an Americanized moniker: Apple Beer. Continue reading

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Utah Stories Review of Apple Beer

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 More than a century ago, Bavarian biermeisters developed a beer alternative: a blend of Sicilian apples with natural herbs and spices. They called it Fassbrause, the soft drink with a head. Fast forward to 1964. Young Larry Stillman was living in Germany and not only discovered but fell in love with Fassbrause. He brought the formula to Utah, called it Apple Beer, and the Stillman family has been brewing Apple Beer ever since. Continue reading

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Coveted 5 Start BevNet Rating

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Apple Beer is awesome! This gourmet soda is unlike anything else on the market today. Featuring a sweet apple brew that dates back to nineteenth century Bavarian tradition, this soda will not disappoint. It’s very similar in consistency and finish to a root beer — but it’s quite tart and slightly sour. The unique spiced apple flavor is unlike anything on the market today. Plus, it’s all natural and has no caffeine. Overall, a top notch product.